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Reform and development


In December 2006, Yancheng International Trust and Investment Group was formally established. Reviewing the course of development of the company, it has undergone two stages, namely the accumulation stage and the second start-up stage.
Accumulation phase (2007 to December 2011):since operated and built in 2006, the Urban Investment Group have made fairly good results through actively hard work and determined efforts which is under the correct leadership of the municipal government and in accordance with the requirements of constructing the first-class platform.
Over the past five years, it has contracted 25 projects assigned by the central government whose investment budget is 7.035 billion, and put into use 13 projects. In addition, it has also implemented nine demolition works assigned by the central government, completed the Pioneer Island, off road, Yuk Long Road and other key demolition project and resettled in 1750, 74 units, the total demolition of an area of over 138,200 square meters.
According to the requirements of the municipal party committee and the city government, international trust &investment throughout will "the rich distinctive , creating the high-quality goods" as requirement to create significant project for the city. A large number of international trust &investment construction created by Yancheng Group such as the Yancheng city pioneer island 、culture and art center, pioneer international plaza, yudragon Lucy extension engineering and so on have become city landmark project. Meanwhile after five years’ exercise and improve, it has formed a work team with certain professional skills 、willing to do and hard working t, which is the core competitiveness of the proprietary.
In both experience and explore the innovation practice constantly, in the market and the government position of the company unit role, in the target management and process of refining in practice, international trust &investment group has always been to the construction of "the risks are controllable, really can do" investment and financing carrier for target, continuously explore new the; Always to create "city landmarks, business model" for the pioneer of the target square, and constantly develop new road; The pressure into motive force, efforts to promote innovation.
Second foundation stage (December 2011 so far) :in 2011, the international trust &investment group proposed "the second pioneering, molding brand" slogan, group established the perfect modern enterprise legal person governance structure and mechanism, and within the organization design into the "five department four center" of the "division system" pattern, "five department", that is, the general office, strategic research department, human resources department, the finance department, the surveillance audit plan, "four center", that is, the investment and financing center, resources reserve center, project management center, assets operation center. A group each department, central middle management position, general management positions, subordinate company of high-level, middle managers, all through the hired work, the two-way choice form, will be a large number of "is willing to do things, director, will can do excellent talents to the right place post, overall form" almighty on land form, let, YongZhe "personnel pattern and working atmosphere.
In future planning, the group will be "commitment to practical innovation, creating proprietary billions" as the goal, with "innovation, excellence constant far," the spirit of enterprise, the city construction and originality industry as the focus of development, in order to finance, equity investment as the core support, finance, real estate, business trade, logistics, and tourism supplies hotel, culture and technology industries of means, and strengthen the equity management, optimize the assets structure, construct the strategic management type holding company, the establishment of a modern enterprise system, deepen the reform of the inspected place, determined in the local government investment and financing platform in transition and development, and give full play to the pilot and demonstration role. For the "1025" cultivating 2-3 at the end of the listed companies.
ManDao really like the north-west iron, now stepped from the more. We know that the first five year group international trust &investment results, is the municipal party committee and the municipal every relevant unit, the department support, encourage results, we will be in the construction of yancheng and promote good group of second venture of key period, race against time, train themselves to progressive, to display their pursuit and results.
The international trust &investment people, with ceaseless pace ,seize every minute and briskly walk to write the glory of the proprietary and brilliant of one hundred years!

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